Femmepire is dedicated to building a Female Empire of women who support women.

Femmepire aims to inspire the conversation among young leaders, business owners, corporate badasses, entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and change makers early in their careers to smash the glass ceiling and redefine success for themselves.

Our Aspiration

Our Aspiration is simple: if one of us wins, we all win.

Femmepire aspires to act as a powerful conduit for the game changers, the rule breakers and the next generation of utterly inspiring female leaders who will lead us into the future of equality.

We are building an inspired community of engaged women who are redefining the  conversation of what it means to be “a successful woman” and reshaping that term for themselves. 

Welcome to Femmepire

Femmepire is compelling and tenacious. We aim to inspire and encourage the Femmepire Fold to participate in the conversation rather than taking a passive approach.

The current conversation around modern day feminism and the challenges women face in life and work is not a one-sided conversation. It is multifaceted and changing daily. By creating a safe space for differing points of view to converge, we aim to promote positive and inclusive conversations within our community.

Female empowerment is not a current trend. It’s not a story that can be told accurately from any one source. As such, Femmepire is built to last. We’re a force that will continue to grow well after the event, as our community takes the next steps on their career journey, eventually becoming advocates and supporters of other women in their industries and beyond.

How we show up

Femmepire Fold

Our community the “Femmepire Fold” is offered ongoing support, check ins, access to topical content and continued insights from our speakers and mentor sessions. The Femmepire is in flux and we are keeping the discussion alive.

Femmepire Summits

Our annual events where the Femmepire gathers IRL. We’ll hear from industry experts, pioneers and fellow game changers who all come with the intent to support other women and inspire the next generation of female leaders.

Femmepire Hub

The Femmepire Hub is where we connect with potential co-founders, mentors, future friends and like-minded individuals who are keen to participate and contribute to the conversation of equality and reshaping the definition of what it means to be a successful woman. 

Let's hang out!

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